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Do you have what it takes to make it in the entertainment music industry? Are you tired of not getting ahead in the Music Industry? Do you think you are not being told the truth about your recording project? You have found the best resource to answer these questions and other industry questions that you might have. Drawing upon 75 years of experience in the entertainment industry we can help guide your career and gain an edge in this tuff competitive field.

Junction Entertainment's Artist Development service is for the novice to touring professional. Whether you need a total package and image make over or have questions about music business contracts, management agreements, or recording contracts. Get honest answers from professionals in the entertainment industry before you take a plunge and spend money that does nothing for your career as an entertainer or recording artist.

Here in Nashville we have heard the stories over and over again of companies making promises that they can't keep and in the mean time never delivering anything close to the services for the amount of money you spent. Some companies try to talk lingo that's over your head or impress you with industry names and companies, only to be double talk and signed you for a number of years with a bogus contract. Others will tempt you with well written contracts and it looks great until you read the fine print between the lines.

We can help with imaging, putting together the right promotional package, getting a quality recording of original songs, setting you up with your own web site to promote your music and gain bookings, or a promotional video. We can help get your career moving in the right direction for Booking Agents, Management Agencies, Record Labels or help you make a living at what you love to do. We will give you the tools and knowledge to protect and promote yourself.

Here's some truth, no one can promise or guarantee a major record deal or a management contract that will instantly put you in the lime light! So you're not the next Garth Brooks, NSYNC, or Brittany Spears, but that does not mean you can't make it in the entertainment industry.

If you think you have what it takes and want to get ahead of the competition, let Junction Entertainment take you there. Set up a consulting session with one of our industry professionals and find out what we can do for you or call us if you have any questions about contracts, agencies, or promoters. Just like at the doctors office, it never hurts to get a second opinion. We will be glad to help you decide whether you have the right people behind you or becoming another piece of shark bait.

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